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About WATCHfp

My name is Allan E Duncan CFP, FMA, CCS

I am a Certified Financial Planner, Financial Management Advisor, Certified Cash Flow Specialist and Licensed Mortgage Associate that specializes in "Behavioral Cash Flow Planning".

Behavioral Cash Flow Planning is the process of helping people become "Debt Free" through Harmonization, Optimization and Monetization. We help you turn your monthly debt obligations, such as your mortgage, credit card and loan payments into equity or assets from the debt and liabilities they currently represent.

View this sample illustration to see how we helped one client save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Wealth Accumulation Through Credit Harmonization

A Proprietary... Let Me Explain... What Would You Say If... For Most People... How You Win... Debt/Mortgage Killers...


is a proprietary financial planning process that helps our clients create wealth through:

Harmonization - the alignment of their current credit obligations with your current financial goals!

Optimization - the identification of the inefficiencies in your current behaviors and spending patterns and applying the found money to your financial goals and objectives

Monetization - the process of providing you with the opportunity to generate additional income!

We Do This By:

  • Reducing Interest Costs
  • Turning Interest Payments into Principle Payments 
  • Reducing Monthly Debt Obligations 
  • Increasing Investment Opportunities 
  • Lump Sum and Monthly cash flow increases 
  • Working with your current monthly obligations
  • Working with your current goals and strategies

Let me explain what we know to be TRUE!

  • For most people, their mortgage is their single largest investment in their life time
  • The average person will pay for their home 2 – 3 times over 
  • The average person will pay more than 250,000 dollars in interest alone on their home
  • 300,000 dollar mortgage at today’s 5 year posted rate of 5.29% has you paying 295,221 dollars in interest alone 
  • When you borrow the principle, you borrow the interest as well 
  • We can help you pay interest on what you actually owe 
  • Decrease your mortgage payments with your decreasing balance 
  • Apply those savings as interest free payments against principle 
  • The Lenders/Financial Institutions/Banks will not help you achieve this willingly

WATCHfp Can and Will help you achieve all of this!

What Would You Say If?

We could:
  • Increase your wealth
  • Decrease your monthly debt obligations 
  • Decrease your interest costs 
  • Turn interest into principle 
  • Reduce the number of years to pay on your mortgage and loans

WATCHfp Will:

  • Shave years off your mortgage and save you thousands of dollars in mortgage payments
  • Save you thousands of dollars in mortgage interest charges that you are now legally obligated to pay 
  • Provide Freedom from too much debt and too many payments 
  • Lump Sum Cash for Children’s education, home improvements, investment and retirement planning, vacations, dreams… 
  • Provide a positive cash flow to your daily life for whatever you need it for

Most People...

use an advisor/planner/banker to manage, look at or review their:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Investments
  • Insurance Programs
  • Loans and Mortgages
In fact, most financial planning tools and programs we use look at how to accumulate wealth by investing or alternatively, minimizing risk through the use of insurance when we don’t have wealth.

What most people DON’T DO is manage their current credit obligations to minimize the amount of profit they provide each month for their:
  • Bank
  • Credit Card Companies 
  • Mortgages Lenders
WE do this through proprietary and copy-rited cash management programs which apply specific financial planning actions and techniques to your personal situation. These techniques will help you:
  • Reduce your current interest rates
  • Pay interest on only what you owe 
  • Decrease your monthly payments 
  • Apply those savings as interest free payments directly against your outstanding principle and
  • Provide an increase in monthly cash flow for you to use for your 
    • Retirement Planning 
    • Investments
    • Risk/Insurance planning or
    • Personal Goals like your Children’s Education, Vacations, Home Renovations or what have you

In fact, this process has helped over 70% of our clients reduce what we refer to as their “Debt Freedom Date” by 10 years or more and saved them thousands if not 100’s of thousands of dollars on their mortgage interest alone!

How Can you Win with WATCHfp?

  1. Pay interest on ONLY WHAT YOU OWE!
  2. Decrease your Mortgage Payments along with your Decreasing Balance! 
  3. Apply the SAVINGS as Interest Free Payments against the Principle OWED! 
  4. Increase cash flow for investing, retirement and risk management purposes!

Works Because we attack your mortgage and debt obligations in 3 ways simultaneously
  1. Regular Mortgage Payments
  2. Enhanced Principle Payment 
  3. Our Proprietary Interest into Principle Techniques

“WATCHfp” the Mortgage and Debt Killer Program

Pay less and pocket the rest, let us help you become mortgage and debt “FREE”

Next Steps
“In order to qualify you must”
  1. Complete a Personal Questionnaire
  2. Approve a Financial Summary and Qualify for Funding 
  3. Sign Documents at your Lawyers

Once Fully Qualified

We will provide you with your very own “WATCH” Action Plan Portfolio that will contain your personalized
  • Numbers
  • Values and 
  • Instructions
So that you can achieve your personal goals and be mortgage and debt free that much sooner!

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