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WATCHfp is a proprietary financial advisory service utilizing behavioral cash cash flow planning that allows us to provide our clients with the best options when it comes to helping you:

  • Increase your wealth
  • Decrease your monthly debt obligations
  • Decrease your interest costs
  • Turn interest into principle
  • Reduce the number of years to pay on your mortgage and loans

WATCHfp is here to help you achieve your financial goals by:

  • Reducing Interest Costs
  • Turning Interest Payments into Principle Payments
  • Reducing Monthly Debt Obligations
  • Increasing Investment Opportunities
  • Lump Sum and Monthly cash flow increases
  • Working with your current monthly obligations
  • Working with your current goals and strategies

Working with qualified professionals in Financial Planning, Cash Management and Mortgage Advisory Services:

  • Certified Financial Planners, Certified Cash Flow Specialists & Licensed Mortgage Advisors
  • Independent Financial and Insurance Advisors
  • EQ Lending  - Mortgages
  • Smart Equity - Copy-rited Cash Management Software Planning

Wealth Accumulation through Credit Harmonization Financial Planning

WATCHfp is a proprietary financial planning process that has guided people to 100's of 1,000's of dollars in interest and debt payment savings.  This program provides you with a complete action plan that will help you achieve your Wealth Accumulation through Credit Harmonization (WATCHfp) Goals.

Smart Equity

Smart Equity is for the do it your selfer. We provide you with the option of inputting your own information into the program and then having one of our advisors support and guide you towards your Wealth Accumulation through Credit Harmonization (WATCHfp) goals.  See how you can cut years of interest and debt payments from your life and determine your Own Debt Freedom Date.

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